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Your brand is the backbone of your business. Incorporating everything from your values to your target market to your preferred colors and fonts, your brand will define your business and tell your story. Let us help you tell it!

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Branding is the core of your business identity and what all of your marketing efforts are based on. New businesses need branding to establish who they are, both internally and externally. Existing businesses may be in need of branding services if they do not currently have a cohesive or effective identity or if they are executing a re-brand. Whether you need a full branding package, a refresh, or just a review of your current brand, our talented team can help. We’ve worked with dozens of companies both locally and nationally to help them establish a brand that guides their team as well as helps their target market identify with them. Branding is all about the personality of your business as a whole. If you don’t have a strong brand, your marketing and growth strategies cannot succeed.

brand services

Our full branding packages include the following services. Services can also be a la carte for those businesses that need a tweak or a refresh of current branding. To decide what is right for you, schedule a consultation with our professional team of branding experts.

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Brand Strategy

Your mission statement, corporate values, and messaging are all part of your overarching brand strategy. We will help you develop the right strategy to lead your team effectively and convey your vision to customers and prospects. Through in-person, virtual, or phone conferences, we’ll learn more about your goals and company as a whole so we can create a strategy that leads to success.

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Don’t have a name for your new business or ready to re-name your existing business due to changes within the organization or a re-brand? Our creative team will help you find the perfect fit. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, online research, and conferences with your team, Pixel Fire will help you choose a name that reflects everything your company represents.

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Logo Design

Your logo solidifies your brand and tells all who see it exactly who you are. Logos should be simple, impactful, and unique. Our team of graphic designers will design a logo that fits your brand, encompasses your name, and catches the eye of all. We often have several members of our team design a logo so you will have several choices and styles to choose from. Ultimately, the logo design process is a collaborative one and ends only when you are satisfied that your logo is dynamic, eye-catching, and properly represents your brand.

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Your comprehensive message includes your mission statement, values, and unique selling points. It can include taglines, wording for internal and external documents, and information to fill out social media profiles. Your message reflects who you are as a company. A strong message is crucial for both your team and those you are trying to reach through marketing efforts. A comprehensive brand relies on a consistent message that is understood by all those involved in your business.

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We love helping companies with their branded collateral! Here are some examples of recent brand guidelines we’ve developed for our clients.

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