Event Targeting

with Geofencing

Deliver Digital Ads to Prospects After Any event

We Put Your Message in Front of Your Ideal Audience with Geofencing

How It Works

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Event Location

A geofence will be scheduled ahead of the event to collect data at the day and time the event is taking place.

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User Enters Geo-Fence

Attendants will enter the geofence and be captured as an audience member when they use their phone at any point during the event.

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Ad Served

After the event, we will run your campaign to the collected audience through digital media sources: web browsers, apps, social platforms, etc.

What is Event Targeting?

Event Targeting is a form of digital advertising where you can have your ads shown to attendants of an event through geofencing.

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual parameter around an exact geographical location.

How does it work?

A geofence is defined in advance at the desired event’s exact location, date, and time. When an attendant at the event uses their cell phone, they “enter” your virtual parameter and become a part of the collective list of prospects to receive your ad. As soon as an attendant enters your geofence, they’re eligible to see your ad displayed on their phone and will be a suitable recipient for up to 30 days after the event.

Where will the attendants see my ad?

Once the attendant has entered the geofence and is a prospect for receiving your digital ad, they will see it on websites, apps, and even streamed TV. Wherever you THINK you could see a digital ad following you around, it could be your ad. Additionally, the prospect’s cell phone isn’t the only place they’ll be seeing your brand’s message. Any device connected to their phone, such as a tablet, laptop, or Smart TV, is eligible to display your ad in front of the prospects. (Isn’t technology AMAZING?!)

What type of event would be ideal for Event Targeting?

Event Targeting comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your industry and your business goals, the opportunities to target events are plentiful. Hot events we’re geofencing this summer include the Men’s College World Series, the Olympic Swim Trials, and the Pinnacle Bank Championship here in Omaha. Event Targeting is also available for smaller-scale events and events that don’t happen locally. Networking events or industry conventions provide an excellent opportunity to hone in on an ideal audience. Our team of digital strategists will help guide you to find the right prospects and scale your ROI.

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