How Short-Form Video Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

Angela Chaney
Angela Chaney

Remember the catchy classic jingles of State Farm, Alka Seltzer, and Coca Cola commercials? Those stick-in-your-head-all-day tunes were not just ingenious marketing plans, but have become recognizable parts of our American culture over the DECADES since they were first created.

While the internet, social media, and smartphones inaugurated changing (and constantly evolving) times in entertainment and business promotion, our goal at Pixel Fire Marketing is still the same- to develop a great marketing plan that grows businesses by attracting customers to your great products and services. Now, instead of glossy, sing-song commercials, we turn to short- form videos that showcase your brand and inform and entertain your audience. 

Short-Form Video

Debate is ongoing about the precise limits of short-form videos, but in general, it includes video content that is less than ten minutes long. Often, they are much shorter than this, from thirty seconds to a minute in duration.

The benefits of short form video are many. Because of their brevity, they require less of everything it takes to produce a film than longer works do: script writing, filming, editing, color correction, sound mixing, time, and money. Through engaging content, they capture the attention of viewers, but don’t demand too much of them. Short-form videos match our culture’s viewing habits, including scrolling on our smartphones or enjoying quick entertainment breaks throughout the day. 

Short form videos are a great investment.  TikTok deserves recognition for the explosive demand of this video style in recent years, as it has experienced unprecedented growth worldwide. As a result, other platforms followed suit by introducing short form videos. This move alone has breathed new life into Facebook and brought it back to the top of social media engagement. 

Marketing Plan

Design a Marketing Plan with High Visibility

Expanding your business means increasing visibility and providing customers with what they want. According to the data, the average person in the US spends 4.5 hours a day online, and they’re spending almost one-third of that time watching videos. Some estimate viewers consume 16 hours of video per week. 

The video ad industry garnered an astounding 10.2 billion US dollars in 2019, and since that time has only continued to grow. Analysts estimate the industry to generate nearly $13 billion in 2024, and the investment is worth it. Adding video content to your marketing plan typically results in a 34% greater conversion rate.  

Not only are videos great for growing your business, but they are also what potential customers are asking for! 66% of internet users noted they would prefer to learn about new products and services through short-form videos, in contrast with only 18% who prefer articles and posts. 

Finding Customers

When it comes to planning your marketing budget, knowing where to find your potential clients and achieve the greatest ROI is key. YouTube remains a staple, with 90% of users (51% of all consumers) discovering new products and companies through this platform. 

Businesses utilizing Instagram have been pleased with the results, with 41% reporting Stories as their key marketing strategy and 73% reported gaining new customers through this platform. 25% of consumers made purchases based on what they viewed in Instagram Stories.

Facebook has continued to appeal to its enormous user base 140 million engaging on Watch daily. For this reason, 75% of brands market through Facebook, with 93% utilizing short-form video on a weekly basis. 

Don’t underestimate the enormous potential of the comparative newcomer among social media giants, TikTok. Today they boast 1.5 billion active users, and their members are the most involved with the content they provide. The data verifies 18% engagement with TikTok content, in contrast with 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube.

Clearly, TikTok isn’t just a platform for teens to show off the latest dance moves. Their appeal has broadened exponentially, and if you want your brand to become a household name, content creation on TikTok is the place to start. 

Must Have Features of Short-Form Video

It’s no surprise that given a choice between reading an article on an interesting topic and watching a video, most would choose the video. However, with the ever-expanding plethora of content available now, you need content that stands out from the crowd. Make sure your short-form videos contain these features:

  1. Clear and direct message- Our world is full of digital noise. Don’t add to it. Simplify it
    and get to the point quickly.
  2. Brand consistency- By utilizing consistent phrasing, imagery, and themes across your
    videos, you’ll make it clear who you are and what you stand for. Customers want to
    know who and what they are supporting. Branding makes it clear.
  3. Provides value to potential clients- primarily, we watch videos to be informed or
    entertained. Offering these two broad themes will draw both kinds of viewers to your
  4. Memorable content- According to Lemonlight, you’ve got 8 seconds to captivate your audience, or they will scroll right on by. Creating a tantalizing intro is vital if you want to keep viewers engaged through the end. Focus on being authentic and connecting with your audience rather than worrying about high-quality video production.
  5. Closed captioning or text. Many people watch videos without the sound on, so adding closed captioning or text helps them understand your video regardless of whether they are listening.

While we aren’t often singing jingles at Pixel Fire Marketing, we’re seeing game-changing results from short-form video content on our own website and those of our clients. In an era of all things digital, we’re connecting clients and service providers on a relational level, and it makes a difference. We’d love to talk with you about how to build a marketing plan that promotes not only your company’s brand, but the people who built it as well. Give us a call today, and let’s start growing your business.

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