Using AI Blogging for Business: Pros and Cons

Angela Chaney
Angela Chaney

The last time you needed a new roof, did you set a stack of shingles, a hammer, and some nails on top of your house and leave to go about your day?

When you made pancakes for breakfast, did you place the spatula next to the pan and trust it to flip those pancakes over at the perfect moment of golden-brown deliciousness?

Of course not! 

Whether we’re discussing home improvement tools or kitchen utensils, one inarguable fact remains; they are TOOLS designed to make tasks easier and work more efficient for humans, and they only function as they ought when they are in the hands of capable people who can wield them well.

Digital tools are no different. The meteoric rise in AI for content creation over the last year has sparked tremendous debate. Is it ethical? Is it practical? Will all writers soon be unemployed? Since AI blogging, as well as other forms of AI content creation appear to be here to stay, Pixel Fire Marketing cautions you to weigh your options and proceed with discernment as you decide if AI is right for you.

The Benefits of AI Blogging

For most of us, staring at a blank screen is the most intimidating part of writing. Where do I begin? How do I convey my ideas effectively?

Herein lies one of the greatest benefits of AI blogging. Because it can scan the internet for information and perspectives on your topic, it can present you with a useful outline, an overview of the topic, and perhaps spark an idea that will help get your creative juices flowing. Additionally, the content AI compiles will be structured logically and in an organized fashion, helping tremendously with another challenge most of us face in writing.

Ultimately, as with every other decision you make in your business, the choice to use AI blogging comes down to your goals and priorities. Will AI add to or detract from them?  Ask yourself these reflective questions and see:

  • Are you short of time?
  • Are you looking to significantly increase the volume of content on your website?
  • Are you operating on a tight budget?
  • Do you need help getting started with content creation?
  • Will you benefit from assistance with SEO, audience targeting, and response to engagement algorithms?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s worth investing some time in AI blogging to learn more about how it works, which platforms have the best features to enhance your business, and what your initial investment may be in terms of time and money.

Now let’s dig a little deeper. Take a moment to reflect on these questions as well:

  • Are you able to revise, edit, and personalize what AI creates?
  • Are you willing to simply regurgitate the ideas of others?
  • Are you comfortable with the risk of copyright infringement?
  • Are you satisfied with quantity over quality?

If you’re still answering “yes” to these questions, chances are, you’ll benefit from the speed, cost-effectiveness, and content generation capabilities of AI.

However, if you answered “no” anywhere along the way, AI is not likely to give you the outcomes you were hoping for.


The Downside of AI Blogging

Because AI is a relatively new tool in content creation, its full scope and potential is yet to be realized. Ethical issues, such as plagiarism or culturally offensive content have yet to be resolved, and no program has yet been invented with the linguistic and emotional complexity of a human.

When you use AI to generate content, it relies on programming, predictability, and algorithms. It cannot comprehend subtexts, implications, connotation, sarcasm, personality, irony, hyperbole, or any of the other wonderfully sophisticated concepts humans can express with language.

AI blogs are a synthesis of existing ideas and cannot ever produce anything unique. They cannot discern the appropriateness of what is produced. Consider for a moment: how many times have you been drafting a text message only to have your phone guess at what you were trying to say with ludicrous or comical results? AI operates similarly, stringing words and phrases together that are frequently written in sequence. We can laugh about misguided messages with friends and family, but the risks are much greater with professional content released into cyberspace with your name and business attached to it.

Just as one uses any other form of tool, AI must be viewed as a content creation tool, a resource to help you organize your ideas, maximize your impact, and steward your resources well. Someone in your company, likely you, will have to evaluate what is created, smooth out the awkwardness, add personal details specific to your business and clientele, and check for factual accuracy and potential copyright issues.

A word of caution must be included here about AI’s potentially negative impact on your business. If you publish something that is disparaging, dishonest, or out of alignment with your company values, the reputation you’ve spent your whole career developing could be wiped away in an instant.

If you become impersonal and your content is generic or irrelevant to your client, you risk losing business in an era where consumers have options, and they want to enjoy a relational and authentic experience with the businesses they support. Your customers will know the difference between genuine and informative content and a pretty word salad in a heartbeat.

The Best Choice for Your Business

At the core of the company you’ve built are people, those who work with you, patrons, professional associates, and all who run the interdependent companies you hire. Whether you choose to grow your business through AI blogging or not, don’t let anything diminish your image, your reputation, or your professional relationships.

At Pixel Fire Marketing, we help companies in every sector develop and promote their brand and expand their impact, and we do so through personalized, professional, and 100% human services. We’d love to help you grow and expand your brand too. Give us a call to learn more.

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