Top 5 Emotions Your Marketing Copy Needs to Have

Angela Chaney
Angela Chaney

It should come as no surprise that buyers tend to make purchases or hire professionals based on emotions. As a business owner, you can try to appeal to their intellect and common sense as much as you’d like, but if you don’t get emotion involved, you’re going to fall short of your marketing goals. Fortunately, including emotion in your marketing copy is not difficult once you realize what your buyers want and need. Here are the five emotions you should include in your marketing copy and how to make them work for you.


Top 5 Emotions to Use for Marketing Copy 

1. Understood

Your prospects want to feel that you understand them–not just as potential customers, but as human beings. Through your storytelling, you need to make sure a clear message of “I get you” comes through. This makes prospects feel like more than just a number (or a dollar sign) and makes them more likely to buy from you.


2. Safe

This is the “I got you” feeling. Your prospects want to know there is little risk to buying your product or service (or, to take it one step further, that there might be risk if they don’t) buy. You can do this by establishing yourself as an authority in your industry and by using risk reversal (you’re at risk for xyz, but if you buy our product, that risk is reduced/goes away.)


3. Empowered

You’ve got to make your prospects feel like they can do it…whatever it is your product or service helping them do! For example, if you own a gym, you need to empower those who see your marketing and make them believe they can make a change in their lives to get healthier. You can achieve this by using social proof like testimonials, case studies, and reviews as well as with the language you use in your copy.


4. Excited

Getting your prospects excited about what their life could be like once they buy your products or services is key. Show them how you can help them by listing benefits, talking about results, and ensuring all the claims you make are believable and attainable.


5. Committed

Now it’s time to make those prospects commit. You spark this emotion by giving them an irresistible offer (50% off today only!) or by creating a sense of urgency (almost sold out!). Make them feel that if they don’t make the move today, they may not get another chance.


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Answer These Questions to Adapt to Your Buyers’ Emotions

Of course, not every business’s marketing campaign and marketing copy utilizing emotions will look alike. To make sure you’re capitalizing on the right emotions in the correct way, ask yourself the following questions about your buyers:


1. What do they want? 

Think emotional benefits like feeling safer, more successful, or the envy of their neighborhood.


2. Why might they say no? 

These are the key objections, roadblocks, and doubts that could get in the way of your marketing efforts. 


3. How can I make them feel understood? 

Who are your buyers and what do they want others to think or know about them?


4. How can I make them feel safe? 

What do your buyers fear? And how can your product or service address these fears?


5. How can I make them feel empowered? 

What will make your buyers feel like they can attain their goals? How will your product or service help them do that?


6. How can I make them feel excited? 

What will light a fire under your buyers? How can you make them see that their lives can get better if only they work with you or buy from you?


7. How can I inspire them to commit NOW? 

What action words will have the most impact with your buyers? For example, if you work with luxury buyers who have a large budget, offering a limited time discount likely won’t do the trick but creating scarcity (so they can have your product or service while others can’t) could be just what you need to make them take action. 


8. How can I change their identity? 

You don’t want your marketing focused on how to sell them something. People buy products or services to become who they want to be. Help them see how you can make them feel like the person they’ve always dreamed of with powerful copy that addresses this need.


Ready to incorporate some powerful copy in your marketing strategy to ignite emotions and create sales? Reach out to the experienced team at Pixel Fire Marketing for expert guidance. We’d love to help!


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