Angela Chaney
Angela Chaney

This is a guest blog written by Shawn Watson of Mo Valley Productions. Shawn and his wife Amy often collaborate with Pixel Fire Marketing on video projects and the two companies have benefitted greatly from the partnership.

Currently filming your own videos for your business? Or are you working with an outside contractor on a video marketing strategy?

If you plan to use videos, it’s important to have a proper beginning and ending for them. Your audience wants to ride along on a journey and they’ll more likely respond to your call to action if you fulfill their expectations.

Intros and outros give an introduction and conclusion to your videos. A well-crafted video with a high-quality intro and outro makes it look more professional. Polished, story-driven video has now become essential for branding, especially on social media. Powerful tools such as professional video help build and maintain your brand consistency.


Simply stated, they are clips of branded graphics.

The intro is the opening or beginning segment of a video that includes introductions or brand logo openers for branding purposes.

An outro is the closing or ending segment of a video that reinforces your branding and usually includes a call to action.

Intros, sometimes called “video bumpers,” catch viewers’ attention and reinforce your brand. So, every time people watch your video, they’ll see your logo. They’ll remember your logo and your brand.

Video intros boost the quality of your videos. Even if your videos don’t contain fancy graphics or were simply shot using a smartphone, a polished video intro can impress the audience right away. Just having that video bumper makes you look like a professional brand.

Intros are not always needed. Depending on the length of the video and where it’s being displayed, an intro might not serve you.

Taysia Peterson, online marketing specialist at Pixel Fire Marketing, noted that intros eat up valuable seconds of short videos. “Attention span on social (media) is so low that an intro/outro could drive people away,” she explained.

Every video is different. When you work with a professional video company, they can advise you whether or not an intro is appropriate for your specific video project.

Outros, on the other hand, are a great way to drive home the call to action and increase brand awareness.

Outros encourage viewers to watch your entire video. A call to action could be just about anything that entices viewers to take the next step with your brand. It could be a download, a free guide, a blog post, a phone number to call, or simply just a link and a request to visit your website.


“Anyone!” answered Peterson.

Every business can benefit from professional videos utilizing intros and outros. However, as Peterson pointed out, it’s always best to consider each video individually and remember time constraints. In some cases, a quick intro and outro might be the right option and, in others, it may benefit you to not use them at all.

At Mo Valley Productions, we can film a longer video with intros and outros, then clip out certain portions to be used on social media.


You should include branded elements such as your logo, colors, and typefaces. Also add a phone number, your website address, and social media handles. These all reinforce your brand and help grow your audience.

If you have any further questions regarding branding, web design, or social media marketing, and so forth, reach out to a trusted marketing firm such as Pixel Fire Marketing (www.pixelfiremarketing.com).

If you need help adding intros/outros or any graphics to your videos, contact a friendly video services company like Mo Valley Productions (www.movalleyproductions.com).

Let us help your story flow…

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