My Husband’s Cousin’s Son Can Do My Website Design, Right?!

Angela Chaney
Angela Chaney

Well, technically, anyone who knows how to create a website could do your website design, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he should

Should I register for a marathon because I know how to run or get behind the wheel of a semi-truck because I know how to drive a car? In both cases, the results would be disastrous without extensive training and practice at the level needed to perform well (and safely).

The examples may sound far-fetched, but they are not all that different from entrusting your business to someone who learned website design by watching a couple of YouTube videos …even if that someone is family and volunteers with the best of intentions.

At Pixel Fire Marketing, we are trained, equipped, and experienced, not only in website design, but in the full suite of brand-building services that will establish your company’s vision, expand your clientele, and set you up for success.

Website Design is Just the Beginning

Everything we do is based upon a customer-centered approach to providing support, resources, and education to equip you to fulfill your business goals. That means our partnership begins with an in-depth consultation and business evaluation. To serve you well, we want to learn about you, your business vision, and your ideal clients.

With a concept in mind of who you are and where you want to go, our team of graphic designers, social media experts, web designers, digital marketing specialists, and customer service professionals go to work for you to design a customized marketing plan. Our in-house ability to collaborate across digital platforms and social media gives your business a single brand identity and strategically targets the clients you’re looking for.

When we design your website, we aren’t just creating a few pages, making them go “live,” and hoping they gain traction through self-perpetuation. Your company website is your online place of business, and just as you would consider all the facets of creating a satisfactory customer experience in your brick-and-mortar store, your website must do the same. We’ll help you incorporate:

  • A clear purpose that explains what you offer and how a potential customer should respond (the call to action).
  • A professionally designed logo, fonts, and graphics that enhance your brand image.
  • User-friendly navigation.
  • Multiple methods of contact that are easy to find and utilize.
  • Informative and useful content that will provide visitors with insights and actionable takeaways.
  • A great mobile experience so customers can access your website from any device.
  • Analytics data, which helps us continuously monitor traffic and engagement to sharpen your website’s laser focus on your brand, products, and services.

Like you, our goal is to continuously increase the number of visitors to your site, convert “window shoppers” into customers, and encourage satisfied customers to revisit your business again and again. Professional website design is focused, intentional, and provides value. To achieve all of this, you need a team of experts.  

Website Design

Developing Your Social Media Presence

Website design is only the first step in the process of developing successful modern business marketing, and the strategy is two-fold.

If the website tells potential customers who you are and what you do, it is through social media that they build a relationship with you. A strong social media presence “humanizes” you, enabling people to connect with the entrepreneur or team behind the logo. People want to invest their hard-earned resources where they can be part of something bigger than themselves, so a compelling social-media presence built by interacting with customers and providing them with a vision greater than just economics will gain loyalty.

Additionally, to make the most of your marketing budget, it’s wise to place your advertising where you get the greatest return on your investment. In 2024, that’s on social media. Nowhere else even comes close to providing as many opportunities to interact with customers (and future customers) on a daily basis.

Pictures, blogs, newsreels, short-form video content, industry-related articles, user-generated content, and more are all a part of building a strong social media presence. To use it well, businesses need to not only contribute fresh content regularly but also interact with viewers and others in the same industry to virtually network. 

On-going Customer Support

Perhaps the greatest benefit you’ll enjoy from hiring the professionals at Pixel Fire Marketing to develop and manage your online presence is peace of mind. We stay connected to your business, monitoring your growth, strategizing for the next campaign, and orchestrating everything you need to provide your customers with a great online experience.

When we enter a partnership with you, it’s for the long haul. You can call us anytime with questions, concerns, and troubleshooting, should issues arise. We provide fresh content through industry-relevant blogging and timely ad campaigns to continuously generate- and keep- traffic for your site.  We will stay abreast of the changes and new technologies available for online marketing and help your business continue to pivot and grow in our rapidly evolving digital world. 

So, take our advice. While we’re sure your kinfolks meant well in offering to put together a website, maybe there are other ways they can help you grow your business. Meanwhile, we’ve got your online presence covered. Reach out to us today. We’ve got a business plan to discuss!

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